July 16, 2024

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as charm blog Mascot, Vol. 351

serving up unpleasant decisions because 2007!

We haven’t done a YOU should select publish in…I can’t even keep in mind when the last one was. Tabs feels that we ought to rectify that ish with a special Tabs Edition.


Sooo…what is YOU should CHOOSE?

It’s just a game I utilized to play at work with my BFF Naaman when we got truly bored. You present two truly messed-up scenarios as well as make your good friend select between the two, mwahahahahaha!

Choices like…


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

Would you rather have an limitless gravy supply or limitless outside time?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather be feared or loved?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather be an remarkable mouser or an remarkable birder?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather hang out with Garfield, or hang out with Morris?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather be blessed with a luxurious, fluffy tum or a extravagant fluffy tail?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather be required to share a space with a huge, slobbering canine who doesn’t comprehend boundaries, or two hyperactive kitties with ADD?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Which would you rather have as an assistant: Gary Busey or a zombie?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather have your toes clipped or your teeth brushed?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Would you rather be subjected to a bath in ice chilly water, or have to utilize a filthy litter box for two weeks straight?
YOU should CHOOSE!

Ooh! That last one would be difficult for Tabs… He can’t stand baths of any type of kind, no matter what the temperature, however he just will not tolerate a filthy litter box.

Your friendly community charm addict,



P.S. To play, just copy the listing as well as paste it with your answers in the comments.

1. limitless gravy or limitless outside time?
2. Feared or loved?
3. remarkable mouser or remarkable birder?
4. Garfield or Morris?
5. fluffy tum or fluffy tail?
6. Slobbering canine or hyperactive kittens?
7. Gary Busey assistant or zombie assistant?
8. Toes clipped or teeth brushed?
9. Ice chilly bath or filthy litter box?

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