July 16, 2024

The urban Decay naked heat Palette, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and Vice Lipsticks: Burn, Baby, Burn!

I’m feeling the heat! That’s the new urban Decay naked heat palette on my eyes, the UD Alkaline 24/7 Glide-On Pencil on my lash lines, and UD Vice Lipstick in Heat.
I don’t know if there’s an official term to describe the concern of Bunsen burners…like “Bunsenburn-a-phobia,” but if there isn’t one, there absolutely must be, because whenever I was in the lab back in college and had to stand near a Bunsen burner, I’d always quiver a little…and not in a cute booty shaking way.



You’ll be delighted to know that there are no intense open flames in/around the new urban Decay naked heat collection. *Whew!*

Sooo lots of mattes, YES!
The new $54 urban Decay naked heat palette arrives June 12th, but that’s only for UD appeal Junkies, members of UD’s online rewards program (which you can sign up to join here). appeal Junkie members will get exclusive early access to an very limited supply of naked heat palettes that day. For everyone else, naked heat lights up later this month, and it’ll continue to smolder in perpetuity, though, as it and the two eye pencils launching with it are being added to the permanent line.

There are also three lipsticks in the collection, but those are limited edition.


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From the top, the urban Decay naked heat Palette, the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and the Vice Lipsticks

Naked heat is the newest palette in the naked family, and it’s quite unlike its predecessors. The colors are all toasty and warm, like orange browns, coppers, reddish browns and the like.

That’s third day hair on my head, BTW, and Vice Lipstick in Scorched on my lips…
If you happen to love shades like MAC Saddle and Soft Brown, or MAC Coppering Eye Shadow, or MAC Costa Riche Eye Pencil, naked heat is the palette for you.

New favorite nude! Vice Lipstick in Fuel…
Seeing as it’s urban Decay, you know the deal. The 12 eyeshadows are fantastically easy to blend, but you will have to contend with some fallout. It’s only a little in this case, though, and the powders seem to adhere better to my skin than the powders in the previous naked palettes (don’t know why).

I notice very little fallout when I use the mattes. (OMG! There are seven of them. seven MATTES! Which is, like, YAY!) but I notice a little a lot more with the shimmers.

The powders don’t feel dry or dusty, and I also like that they (particularly the mattes) feel smooth and silky. Shoot, even the shimmers are smooth. No grit or chunkiness or potential glitter bombs.

Interestingly, over the past few years, my eyes have grown a lot more sensitive. My left eye, especially, waters up when I wear the old-school naked and Naked2 palettes (but not so much with Naked3 or naked Smoky). but I haven’t experienced any sensitivity when I’ve worn naked heat so far (knock on wood).

And I also haven’t had any issues with sensitivity when I’ve worn the two new 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (which are $20 each) that are also launching with the palette. There’s a striking, exceptionally smooth dark purple one called Alkaline that I thought was a lip liner at first, but no, it’s a liner (FYI, I’m going through a purple liner phase ideal now). Anyway, it looks extraordinary with the warm reds, browns and coppers in naked Heat.

The other liner, Torch, is a reddish orange, and it terrifies the crap outta me… I think it might nearly be too red, because when I wear it, something doesn’t look right… I look like I’ve been either crying or was just bitten by a flesh-eating monster.

It might be worth a try, though, if you have blue eyes, considering that reddish orange colors like Torch always seem to go well with blue eye colors.

From the left: Fuel, Scorched and Heat
Naked heat ingredients
On fire!
Of the three LE lipsticks that are also launching with the palette, two of them are metallics and one is a cream. The metallics are opaque and a little drying, whereas the cream ROCKS. It’s a best warm nude beige.

I really like the naked heat palette, but it’s awfully trendy ideal now. Those warm orange and red shades are having a moment (they’ve been anywhere on Instagram lately), but I wonder how well the trend will hold up… Not that it matters now, but I have a feeling it might look a little dated in 10 years, because it’s such a certain look.

I say choose it if you like warm shades and being on the cutting edge, but I don’t plan to wear these shades to big events with lots of cameras, like proms, graduations, engagement parties and weddings. Neviem…

Speaking of feeling the heat

Blergh. I still have to get a swimsuit for my trip, and I’ve been putting it off because I really don’t want to do it, but if I wanna get in the water, I probably should.


I went to Target last week and looked around, but I got so overwhelmed(um, príbeh môjho života). Mimochodom, naozaj sa nestarám, či je to roztomilé (vlastne, ja), ale v ideálnom prípade by to bol ten, kto by ma Connor nemohol vytiahnuť! Teraz chytí všetko, a muž, tie detské ruky, vstúpia rýchlo. Môžem len vidieť jej neúmyselne otáčať moje prsia do bezplatného peep show v bazéne.

Váš priateľský sektorový závislý,


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