December 10, 2023

Marc Jacobs Is Going Nuts for Coconuts

crazy for coconuts!
I question if Marc Jacobs has ever opened a coconut… He likes coconuts, obviously, since there’s a lot of new products in his makeup line that are coconut influenced as well as have coconut water in them, however has homeboy really ever opened a coconut? I hope he has! as well as I hope you have at least once, since it’s weirdly empowering. Girl, we’ll get to Marc’s new coconut bronzer as well as highlighter in a second, however let me just tell you that I opened a coconut this morning for the extremely very first time — utilized a hammer to lay the beat down on that husk! — as well as when that poor young boy lastly cracked open, I was like, “YES! I opened a coconut, motherf*ckers! DOKÁŽEM ČOKOĽVEK.”

It felt truly good. LOL! Anyway, just your everyday fruit diversion.


Marc’s got some new coco-nutty products, as well as they’re all about tans, radiant as well as summertime skin.

O!Mega Bronzer Coconut ideal Tan

The new bronzer is type of ridic since of the cost — $49!! Viem. believe of it this way, though: at least it’s less expensive than Tom Ford’s.

It’s called the O!Mega Bronzer Coconut ideal Tan since it smells like coconuts (it’s not overwhelming or faux-sweet), however taking a look at the component list, it doesn’t appear to have coconut in it.


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

42 dolárov

Nakupuj teraz

Hmm …

I’ve never tried the original O!MegaBronzer in Marc’s long-term line, however I’ve checked out that this new one is expected to have the exact same formula. It’s LE as well as has different packaging (crisp summertime white!). It likewise has a different undertone, which is less warm as well as much more neutral than the bronzer in Marc’s long-term collection.

O!Mega Bronzer Coconut ideal Tan

So numerous bronzing powders insurance claim to be neutral however lean great as well as taupe, as well as when they’re on my warm-toned skin, something about them doesn’t look right. Ya know? They look muddy as well as kinda dirty, like I unintentionally swiped the wrong shade of foundation on my cheek as well as left it there.

But this is really neutral. It’s expected to be widely lovely on warm as well as great skin. Unusually, as well as I imply that in a great way, it has absolutely no orange, gold or taupe tones in it. The color is a spot-on match for tanned skin.

It blew me away the very first time I used it. As I relieved out the edges with the new bronzing clean (we’ll get to that in a moment), my skin looked progressively much better as well as much better up until it appeared like I’d just gotten back from a day at the beach

Wearing the O!Mega Bronzer Coconut ideal Tan as well as the Dew drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You on my cheeks
I’ve heard with the grapevine that this has already offered out a few times on the Sephora site as well as can be difficult to find, as well as I can see the reason behind the hype. It completely mimics the color of sun-kissed skin. On top of that, the powder grains are practically imperceptible.

That said, Marc as well as I’ll have to agree to disagree about the whole widely lovely thing…because if I were at my end-of-summer deep bronze goddess lusciousness tan, this would be method as well light for me to do any type of genuine bronzing. So, if you’re a deeper shade of brown than I am, swatch it very first if you can.

Leave it to me to go off on a bronzer tangent for 10 minutes, my goodness. however damn, it’s so good!

The Bronze Bronzer clean No. 12

OK, focus, Karen. There’s likewise a restricted edition bronzing clean in this collection with a white deal with to match the white bronzer’s packaging. It’s $78…which is, again, crazy ridic.

The Bronze Bronzer clean No. 12
Do you requirement it? Um…well, most likely not, however I will state this for it: even though the cost is a total turnoff for me, the clean feels weighty as well as durable in my hand, as well as the size of the clean head is ideal pre mňa. When I lay the base of the clean head just below my cheek bones, the suggestion of the bristles (which are synthetic, by the way) hit the top of the apple of my cheek, so it locations the bronzer precisely where I like it to go.

This mofo… It’s beyond precise. I mean, it’s likewise obnoxiously expensive, as well as I don’t want to like it, however I type of do. I likewise understand that I might utilize it every day.

If you want it, you gotta go to Sephora, though, since they’re the only location that brings it.

Dew drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You

The $44 golden peach liquid highlighter, which has coconut water for moisture, is likewise new, as well as it’s now part of the long-term collection. It’s very shimmery when it comes out of the pump so it looks type of scary… I was frightened by it at first.

Dew drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in Dew You
But the much more I work it into my skin, either under or onTop of Foundation (Radi ho môžete mixovať do nadácie), oveľa viac perlového nárazu zmäkčuje, takže Imho to vyzerá oveľa lepšie, rovnako ako oveľa lepšie, ako idete.

Je to extrémne určitý typ zvýraznenia – lesklý, rovnako ako žiarivý, ale nie súhrnný, trblietavý alebo mrazivý – tak ďaleko ako zvýrazňovače idú, je to menej fantázii, rovnako ako oveľa viac prirodzene vyzerajúce, čo je môj preferovaný typ zvýraznenia.

Svatchoty zhora: O! Mega Bronzer Coconut Ideal Tan, Rose kvapky Coconut Gel Glighter v DEW, ktorú ste nevyberali, ako aj zmiešané
Ak chcete, môžete si vychutnať vyžarovať žiarovku omáľať oveľa viac, pretože to tiež vrstvy dobre (ale odolať túžbe aplikovať rovnako dobre, pretože to urobí akýkoľvek druh suchých oblastí na vašej koži sušičku) .

Re (kryt) zdokonaľovanie kokosového nastavenia hmly

$ 39 re (kryt) zdokonaľovanie coconut setting hml je ešte jeden produkt súvisiaci s kokosom, ktorý bol v linke marc Jacobs na chvíľu, ale ja som sa dostal okolo, aby som sa snažil o to meow.

Re (kryt) zdokonaľovanie kokosového nastavenia hmly
Verím, že vonia dobré, ako o kokosových kokosoch, ale nevidím rozdiel v trvanlivosti môjho make-upu, keď ho využijem. S najväčšou pravdepodobnosťou sa vyhnúť.

Pod (kryt) zdokonaľovanie coconut obchod s primérom

Tiež by som sa vyhla aj kokosovému obchodu s primérom. Využívam primér rozmazaním mojich pórov, rovnako ako zamknúť môj make-up, rovnako ako to nie je pre mňa.

Pod (kryt) zdokonaľovanie coconut obchod s primérom


Chvíľu sa správa oveľa viac ako make-up-preping light zvlhčovač, ak hľadáte niečo také, ak chcete oveľa viac hardcore obchodovať s primérom, Holla na mňa v komentároch. Povedzte mi, že váš typ pleti, rovnako ako by som vám poskytol niekoľko recs.

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