December 10, 2023

The Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette: I Daydreamed about blush (and a lot of other things Today), and I Blame It on NARS

It was one of those days, ya know? Where you just stare out the window dumbfounded, like, everything was just sort of confusing me…

HA! I’m serious, though. I felt like things weren’t quite computing correctly, if you know what I mean.


Oh, well… At least today I could conveniently Blame It On NARS (hello, easy transitions!).

Introducing the new $59 NARS Blame It On NARS Cheek Palette, one of this summer’s three limited edition gift sets from NARS (the others are the supreme NARS and true NARS lip sets).

The NARS Blame It On NARS Cheek palette ($59)

Within its pretty packaging are four pans of blush — sparkling golden sand Highlighting blush in Satellite of Love, warm and shimmery medium golden pink blush in Day Dream, cool medium pink blush in new attitude and deep golden brown Bronzing Power in Casino.


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Clockwise from the lower left, that’s blush in Day Dream, Highlighting blush Powder in Satellite of Love, Bronzing Powder in Casino and blush in new Attitude
Yeah…this is one of those blush palettes that could potentially elevate your mood if you spend all day sitting under fluorescent lights amidst a maze of cubicles. Or if you just need a getaway as much as I do. It has that “virtual getaway vibe,” but please try to remember that homeboy sitting in the cube next to you is actually your co-worker Bob, and not the lovely bartender at some fancy resort.

So please don’t wink at Bob and ask him to whip you up a Mai Tai…unless you really like Bob.

Yeah, I have no idea what I’m saying, LOL! I told you it was one of those days…

Also comes with a tiny Ita travel-sized brush…
So, what all do you get with this set?

Well, other than the sudden overwhelming urge to book a trip to Kauai, you get two blushes (they’re 0.14 ounces each, which is just slightly smaller than the 0.16-oz. blush singles in the permanent line), one 0.14-oz. highlighter, one 0.15-oz. bronzer, a tiny travel-sized NARS Ita brush and a beautiful mirrored compact that will make you feel like a butterfingered bonehead whenever you try to open it because the latch is quite tricky.

All for $59.

Wearing Casino just below my cheekbones, a mix of the Day dream and new attitude Blushes on the apples of my cheeks and Satellite of love on my upper cheekbones
The blushes and highlighter are those strange kinds of powders that don’t appear pigmented in swatches but apply much much more intensely (I only need one or two layers).

The bronzer applies somewhat sheer and typically requires three layers to show up well on my skin, but I don’t really mind, because it’s subsequently easy to control. Plus, it blends well with other products, which ought to save me a little time. as for wear time, we’re taking a look at about six or seven hours for each, so not bad, and that’s pretty common for NARS.

Swatches from the left: Highlighting blush Powder in Satellite of Love, Bronzing Powder in Casino, blush in Day dream and blush in new Attitude
I think everything comes together well in this little set. The products work well in conjunction with each other for looks with bronzed, pink cheeks that perfectly balance smooth, even color and subtle shimmer.


Not “glitter bomb” shimmer or “booty shorts at the roller rink on a Saturday night” shimmer, but completely vacation-appropriate sprinkles of tiny glitter that tell the world, “Hey, world, don’t even bother asking me to do those TPS reports today. I’m on vacay, bitches! now hand me a froo-froo drink with an umbrella before someone gets hurt.”

PRICE: $59
AVAILABILITY: limited edition, and available now at Nordstrom stores and online (also concerning NARS boutiques and the NARS site August 1).
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: A-

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