December 10, 2023

Saturday Surfing: March 11, 2017

Oh, snap! MAC at Ulta!? Yup, pretty soon you’ll be able to stroll into an Ulta store and snag a stick of Costa Riche. MAC is going to be carried on the Ulta site and in 25 Ulta stores starting in June.
Dear Ulta: now please add a restaurant so I can get a grilled cheese and a latte while I’m there. Vďaka.

In this piece about why women need their girlfriends even much more as we get older, author Kari Kampakis gets some terrific guidance from a group of older gals, and I’m taking it to heart. “Don’t ever lose touch with your girlfriends, sweetheart. The older you get, the much more you’ll need them.”

Did you ever wear Love’s baby Soft? Here’s the fascinating (and in some cases full-on creepy) backstory of one of our many renowned fragrances.

Two words: magnetic lashes. Who’s the marvelous genius who created these potentially life-changing doohickeys, and can I shake her hand?!
I really want to try these ASAP, and I’m desperately hoping they won’t weigh down my lids.

Some makeup-minded thieves recently stole $4.5 million in eyeshadow palettes… holy cosmetics criminality, Batman!

Apparently, foundation is really gross. I wanted to look away when I saw the title of this post (“Here’s how much Bacteria Is actually On Your makeup Products”), but you know how it is… curious kitty and all.

I printed out this short article and put it into a file I have of suggestions on raising Connor Claire (I’m nerdy that way, and I like to be prepared): “Want to raise Empowered Women? start in middle School.”

The best places to do a little retail therapy in NYC.

The brilliant, bad-@ss and stunning Rae from the notice explores a budget charm line that looks completely on point.

What’s it really like to get a customized makeup makeover at Sephora?

POP goes the Easel! These new NARS Nordstrom exclusives look like a lot of fun.

Will your skin lurve new It Cosmetics confidence in a Compact Foundation?

5 ways to save, even if you occasionally splurge.

Ever heard of a skincare brand called Scaf?Whoever did their packaging gets a high-five from me!

If you follow the charm biz, you might find this roundup of 2017 charm & Social trends interesting.

And from earlier this week on MBB…here’s a little look at a neat indie luxury brand called Kosas Cosmetics.
I also played with a few new things from too Faced, namely the natural love Palette, the love Light Prismatic Highlighters and the Peanut Butter & Honey Palette.

In other news, benefit has some new contouring products and a spiffy pink highlighter, and here’s what it’s like to wear urban Decay’s HBIC lash trios.

Wow… THIS IS BREATHTAKING! one of these days — I promise — I’m going to learn how to ride a horse!

The many reasonable makeup tutorial to ever hit YouTube! My favorite part? “My everyday makeup routine typically starts with a primer. I use this MAC primer that a lady sold me against my will. She was really attractive, and I was threatened by her, so I was just like, ‘I’ll just purchase it because I’m intimidated by you.’”

Ooh, I’m going to try this combo with MAC Swiss chocolate and Heroine Lipstick!

I keep trying to convince my body that’s it’s ok to sleep in a little on Caturdays, but it’s like, “Nope! Not gonna do it. WAKE THE EFF UP ALREADY.”

So I’m up early…but on the #glasshalffull side, maybe I can get my chores done early. That way I can finish marathon-ing the second season of love on Netflix. I’ve got a box of Pop secret and a couch ready for my butt, LOL!


I may or may not also run a few miles on the treadmill…but we’ll see about that.


I hope your coffee is already on its way to your tum, my friend. may adventure find you.

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