July 16, 2024

How to Do ideal Red Lips

Some things are truly difficult — climbing install Everest, stating no to the last French fry, discovering exactly how to breakdance when you’re over 30 as well as totally inflexible (particularly in the hamstrings) — however other things, like achieving a ideal red lip, aren’t that difficult at all.

Smooth, symmetrical red lips with crisp, yet not harsh, edges are simple with the best tools, a few suggestions as well as a bit practice. By the end of this post, you will NOT look like a demented clown about to go on a rampage at a children’s birthday celebration (although this occurs in some cases when I try to do lip liner on bare lips). quite soon you’ll be doing ’em like a seasoned pro.


So, let’s begin at the extremely beginning, which is a extremely great location to start.

Um…I believe I may or may not have just quoted noise of Music, however whatever!

1. apply lipstick to the center area of your lips

Begin by applying (directly from the bullet) the red lipstick you’d like to wear around the center area of your lips. The essential here: don’t take the lipstick all the method out to the edges.


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At this point, as is the situation so frequently with makeup, if you’re doing it right, it’ll look kinda weird…

2. now drag the lipstick out to your natural lip line

Using a lip clean packed with the exact same red lipstick, fill in the edges around the area you used from the bullet a moment ago, dragging a few of the existing lipstick out while likewise painting all the method to the edge of your lip line. We’re doing this since the clean is much more comprehensive than the lipstick bullet.

Try to get that lip line smooth as well as even, however it doesn’t have to be ideal at this point.

3. Line your lips with a lip liner in a complementary color

Now set aside the lip brush, as well as get a sharpened red lip liner (sharpen it first, since we want the point to be good as well as sharp) in a color that complements your lipstick.

Take that lip liner, as well as begin drawing a line best around the edge of your lip, complying with your natural lip line, as well as we have two reasons for this. First, we’re producing a limit for our red lipstick outside of which we won’t go, as well as second, we’re likewise utilizing this as an chance to modify the shape of our lips, if requirement be, to make them look completely symmetrical. Like, one side of my lips is thinner than the other, so I somewhat overdraw that side at this step to make my lips look even as well as full.

Next, with the exact same lip clean you utilized earlier, although this time around without any type of additional product on it, carefully merge the line you produced with your lip pencil into the lipstick to soften the appearance of the lip liner.

4. clean up any type of errors with concealer

If you made any type of boo-boos, like if you unintentionally drew outside your natural lip line, or if you just want to sharpen an edge a bit, appropriate the line by drawing along the edges somewhat beyond your natural lip line utilizing either a flat, thin concealer clean with a bit bit of concealer on it, or a flesh-toned eye pencil (like I’m doing here).

After you’re done fixing, pat as well as smudge the concealer in (if you utilized any) with a Q-tip or your finger, since we don’t want to just leave that line of concealer there as it is.

5. highlight your Cupid’s bow

Lastly, as well as this is type of a perk step, carefully run a clean or finger with a cream or powder highlighter on it across the top of your Cupid’s bow. That way, when the light hits your lips, your Cupid’s bow will show that shimmery highlight as well as look even fuller.

5. The completed look


Ooh-la-la! Urobil si to! ideal red lips. ?

Lip products I’m using (along with the highlighter)

L’Oreal Colour Riche Collection special Red Lipcolor in 401 Julianne’s Red — lipstick

MAC pro Longwear Lip Pencil in High energy — lip pencil

Sephora MicroSmooth shaping Contour Trio in Sublime (gold shade) — highlighter

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