July 16, 2024

Do You believe in Luck?

OK, so exactly how did I only just now notice that my maneki-neko (Japanese lucky cat) has eyelashes?
This is something I believe about sometimes, as well as I’d like to hear your opinion. Taking it a step further, is there such a thing as great luck? Or bad? I have no idea, however I can’t reject that some people do seem to have extremely great luck, as well as no matter what they do, things go their way. Whatever the reasons, I can’t reject that those people exist…and they kinda get on my nerves. LOL!

Fo’ real, though.


I do believe that great luck as well as poor luck aren’t always as much as chance. I’ll state that. I mean, there is always that aspect of randomness as well as being in the right/wrong location at the right/wrong time, however like with lottery winners, exactly how numerous cosmic coincidences had to all line up just best to location them at that particular 7-11 on that specific day to hit the Powerball? I don’t know…but I desire I did! Haha. Or, like, Gisele Bündchen? We don’t have manage over our facial symmetry or our height or our long-leggedness (yet).

Lucky feline mug from ConnorClaire.com, $24
Personally, I don’t believe it can hurt, though, to invite great luck into your life, however can a lucky appeal (like my little however growing collection of maneki-neko Japanese lucky cats) truly bring great luck? Your assumption is as great as mine.

My little however growing collection o’ lucky cats!
Where I believe we do have some manage over luck is exactly how it associates with opportunities, as well as this is based on my personal experiences. If I go into a test with — yes, I acknowledge exactly how corny this seems — a great attitude, as well as I’m confident, as well as I believe to myself, “This is going to go my way. I’m sure of it,” I typically do much better than I do when I feel the opposite way, which I’ve done before. Like, if I go into something feeling like Eeyore with a small storm cloud over my head, things practically never work out, as well as this has occurred to me over as well as over again. I don’t understand why, however I do feel that mindset has an influence over luck sometimes.


Mačky a make-up mikiny?

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My parents discovered this small jade lucky feline on a trip to Japan.

There’s likewise that old saying, “the harder you work, the luckier you get,” as well as I agree keeping that to a degree. I don’t necessarily believe that it refers to exactly how difficult we work now, though, since you can work really, truly difficult as well as still not get the result you want. To je isté. however I believe that when you consistently try hard, as well as it’s gotta be a Herculean effort. Half-@ssed doesn’t count. however when I’ve been consistent in my life, as well as I’ll be the very first person to admit that I struggle with this since I get distracted so easily, however when I do whatever it takes to get specific things done, as well as I do it consistently, things are much more likely to autumn in my favor.

More likely…but not always.

Please note the mascara wand, LOL!
So yeah, I believe there are those people who just occur to be in the best location at the best time, however I likewise believe that luck isn’t totally random. I believe we can influence our luck sometimes.


A čo ty? Co si myslis? Do you believe in luck?

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